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Trying to get selected text in a flow viewer to a command as a parameter

 <FlowDocumentScrollViewer Name="_OutputBox">
       <FlowDocument.ContextMenu >
               <MenuItem Header="New"
                  Command="{Binding AddDefaultTriggerCommand}" 
                  CommandParameter="{Binding ElementName=_OutputBox, Path=Selection}">

In the model class:

 private RelayCommand<System.Windows.Documents.TextSelection> _AddDefaultTriggerCommand;

 public ICommand AddDefaultTriggerCommand
         this._AddDefaultTriggerCommand = new RelayCommand<TextSelection>(

The problem is that in the parameter passed into the handler is always null:

 private void AddDefaultTriggerCommandExecuted(System.Windows.Documents.TextSelection parameter)...

Am I missing something? How does the standard windows Copy command get the selected text?

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Yes, because you didn't pass the parameter. Add a lambda expression and it should work:

this._AddDefaultTriggerCommand = new RelayCommand<TextSelection>(
                 param => AddDefaultTriggerCommandExecuted(param))
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no... it's still null. –  Califf Apr 4 '13 at 18:31
one more thing I came accross accidentally is that I had to add this line into Window ctor to get the context right: // Required in order to use the ElementName Binding in a context menu NameScope.SetNameScope(MainWndContextMenu, NameScope.GetNameScope(this)); combined, it worked perfectly, thanks! –  Califf Apr 4 '13 at 18:44

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