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Is there a way to collect useful, client-specifc information from API users without using an access_token with stored data about the client?

My use case:
I have implemented an OAuth2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials flow on my application (without refresh_tokens). For every request using an access_token, I do not want the server to check the access_token validity against a database to keep the database calls to a minimum.

I use a self-contained access_token signed/encrypted with HMAC sha256 (similar to the JWT spec). This method allows me to check that the access_token hasn't been tampered with AND check that the token hasn't expired without calling the database.

Inside the access_token, I store information about the client to give me the ability to "track" who is using the API.

Example (this is encoded/HMAC encrypted inside the access_token):
{user_id: "myusername", device: "iphone" }

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What kind of "useful information" are you talking about? You could e.g. enforce that the client has to provide additional parameters when calling one of your endpoints. –  Jan Gerlinger Apr 5 '13 at 17:44
I think useful information would be 1. username, 2. user's device type, 3. users zip code at the time of the token issuing. I'm sure I'd want to monitor other information, but I was thinking it would be easier for my DB to just see a token being used, decrypt the contents, and store it in the DB. I could use that information for useful report on an admin screen, like: 58% of the users are 30mi from zipcode X or 72% of users are using device X. This would, however, require that each device a user registers has a unique token. –  Scott Apr 6 '13 at 1:27
Where is this info supposed to come from? Should the client be responsible to collect this data? Are theses clients authored by you or are they third-party? –  Jan Gerlinger Apr 6 '13 at 10:17
I am writing the clients that will be using the service for now. That is why I am using the Resource Owner Password Credentials, completely by-passing the need to have an embedded webview for login/token authorization/assignment. The clients will be sending the extra data when they ask for a token. I don't know if the client sending extra data (device type, etc) should be mandatory, but definitely get the data from the client. –  Scott Apr 6 '13 at 21:29

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