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I created Highstock chart with 3 series, some of the series have missing data in some time interval. what the Highstock does is "complete" or "connect" the points to each other but I want it to plot no data in those intervals.

how can I do that? I tried to set the xAxis intervals but it did not work. here is some basic example from thewebsite.

Example from

in this example it does what I want - you can see that there is points which are not connected.

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Look at the 'connectNulls' property:

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still doesnt work.., my data looks like this: var data1 = [ [1350511200000, 0], [1350514800000, 8.4], [1350518400000, 8.16], [1350522000000, 8.24], [1350525600000, 8.4], [1350529200000, 7.45]]; maby its because how the data is build? – user2212908 Apr 4 '13 at 18:38
If you want breaks in the line, you need to use null instead of 0. You'll probably also need to disable data grouping, if that is being used. – jlbriggs Apr 4 '13 at 19:13

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