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I would like to have my WPF Listbox, which is databound, generate subclassed ListboxItems instead of the regular ListboxItems. In this case, a DataTemplate is not sufficient because I need some custom properties for the subclassed ListBoxItems.

Is there a way to have the ListBox generated mySubClassedListBoxItem items for the bound data?

Thanks, Bart

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You need to create your own subclass of ListBox so you can override the method which creates the container, e.g.

public class MyListBox : ListBox
    public MyListBox()
        // Should get the default style & template since styles are not inherited
        Style = FindResource(typeof(ListBox)) as Style;

    protected override DependencyObject GetContainerForItemOverride()
        var container = new MyListBoxItem();
        return container;

public class MyListBoxItem : ListBoxItem
    public MyListBoxItem()
        Style = FindResource(typeof(ListBoxItem)) as Style;
        // To easily see that these are custom ListBoxItems:
        // TextElement.SetForeground(this, Brushes.Red);

    // ...
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