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I am using collection.mutable.Map which defaults to collection.mutable.HashMap. I need to keep track of the number of items in that map, so I would like to know whether this class already implements a fast size response, which would free me from having to track it myself.

Is this related to the useSizeMap method? Unfortunately the documentation of this method is so vague, it is completely useless to determine anything.

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The size of collection.mutable.HashMap is stored as an Int that is incremented/decremented according to add/remove methods, so calling the size method should be instantaneous ( O(1) ). You can see it yourself on the source code of HashTable, which HashMap inherits from.

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Ok, thanks. I went to the source from the IDE, somehow didn't spot the size method in the first place, so I wasn't sure. Then went with force-entry in the step debugger to see what it's doing and indeed saw the forward to tableSize. So that has nothing to do with useSizeMap. – 0__ Apr 4 '13 at 19:31
No, the useSizeMap is used (as far as i known) to resize the hash table. Again, there's more info on the source code about the size maps. – Chirlo Apr 4 '13 at 19:38

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