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So, I realize two questions have already been asked on this subject, but (unfortunately) my case appears to be different.

The Sinatra README says to do the following for POST data:

post "/api" do
  request.body.rewind  # in case someone already read it
  data = JSON.parse request.body.read
  "Hello #{data['name']}!"

When I try this, I get:

JSON::ParserError: A JSON text must at least contain two octets!

The other questions deal with a case in which the data is nil, or poorly formatted (\" instead of "), but mine appears to be good. If I open irb and JSON.parse the exact same string that I'm POSTing, it works just fine.

This is the command I'm using for testing:

curl -XPOST http://localhost:5000/endpoint --data '{"foo":"bar","blah":"wat","abcdefghijklmnop":"qrstuvwxyz"}'

I feel like this should be insanely obvious, because parsing POST data is a really basic thing for a webserver to do. Apparently not though.

Edit: If I call logger.info Hash[params], I get:

{"{\"foo\":\"bar\",\"blah\":\"wat\",\"abcdefghijklmnop\":\"qrstuvwxyz\"}"=>nil,   "splat"=>[], "captures"=>["endpoint"], "resource"=>"endpoint"}

...but I'm not sure if/how that helps.

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Try something along these lines:

post "/api" do
  request.body.rewind  # in case someone already read it
  data = JSON.parse (request.body.read || '{"name":"Not Given"}')
  "Hello #{data['name']}!"
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So this worked. But then I changed it basically back to the original and that worked too. So I have no idea what was going wrong. My theory is that initially I was sending bad data (I was using a different curl request) but then in trying to get the bad data to work, I messed up the ruby code. Then when I had a good curl request, the ruby code wasn't parsing correctly. But gave the same error as before. Good lord. Anyway, your answer led me back to sanity, so thanks. –  MalcolmOcean Apr 4 '13 at 22:11

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