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I'm looking for a way to use Regex commands to find a string with a few random numbers, change some of them and leave others unchanged.

BEFORE: textureFile(A)[(B)] = INFO;

AFTER:  textureFile(A)[(B)] = NEWINFO

In this example, I want to change INFO, while leaving A and B unchanged.

I have this to find:

textureFile..\[.\] = .*;
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Try this: (textureFile\S+\s+=\s+)([^;]+);

Replace with: \1NEWINFO;

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Based on your simple example, it should suffice to search on the =:


(= ).*



Notice I included the semi-colon in the replacement, but it is not in the find. The .* will eat the semi-colon when searching, so you need to add it back in the replacement.

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A more specific solution would be:

Find what:

(textureFile\(.*\)\[\(.*\)\] = )(.*)

Replace with:


with the option . matches newline disabled.

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