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i really need help. I'm searching for this from a very long time. I would like to make a servlet (application deployed on OC4J ) which will allow to enter users logged in domain (Active Directory) without any prompt for login and password. Is it possible to retrive in servlet : user name via getRemoteUser or getUserPrincipal methods without authentication form? Or other way of doing that what i need?

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you want to automatically login a Windows user into your web application? – rodrigoap Oct 17 '09 at 22:53
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You need to configure what OC4J calls 'Windows Native Authentication', as described in the OC4J Security Guide. It's a bit more work than just calling a particular function - you have to configure Active Directory and OC4J first.

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You can achieve that with the Kerberos protocol. Here is a good explanation of how it might work in a servlet/jsp environment.


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Here's an open source library, http://spnego.sourceforge.net, that will do exactly what you want.

It only has examples for Tomcat, JBoss, and Glassfish.

But it's implemented as a servlet filter so it should work on any servlet container.

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