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I'm using a TransformedBitmap class to draw scaled images to a Bitmap using TransformedBitmap.CopyPixels. Is there a way to specify the scaling mode that is used? RenderOptions.SetBitmapScalingMode doesn't seem to affect anything. I would like to use nearest neighbor but it appears to use a bi linear filter of some sort.

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  • It is not possible to specify the scaling algorithm, it is by design.
  • The RenderOptions.SetBitmapScalingMode applies to rendering only, e.g. you have a 32*32 icon and want to show it at 256*256 but still in a blocky way (nearest neighbour)


A few ways on how you could overcome this issue :

Do it by yourself :

Using Forms :

Custom drawing : How to specify the image scaling algorithm used by a WPF Image?

There is AForge too but that might be overkill for your needs.

Update 2

WriteableBitmapEx will probably do the job easily for you :

You can resize a WriteableBitmap, specify interpolation mode and there is nearest neighbor.

Both TransformedBitmap and WriteableBitmapEx inherit from BitmapSource, likely you'll have no change to make at all to your existing code.

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Interesting, do you have any suggestions for an alternative? (Given that I have a bitmapsource which needs to be scaled and copied to a Bitmap) – phosphoer Apr 5 '13 at 18:40
I've added a few ways for you in my answer. (sorry but I'm on my phone and it's not very practical) – Aybe Apr 5 '13 at 23:42
I've updated my answer again. – Aybe Apr 9 '13 at 17:14
The WriteableBitmapEx looks like the thing to use, thank you! – phosphoer Apr 9 '13 at 18:38
 public static class Extensions
    public static BitmapFrame Resize(this
BitmapSource photo, int width, int height,
BitmapScalingMode scalingMode)

        var group = new DrawingGroup();
            group, scalingMode);
            new ImageDrawing(photo,
                new Rect(0, 0, width, height)));
        var targetVisual = new DrawingVisual();
        var targetContext = targetVisual.RenderOpen();
        var target = new RenderTargetBitmap(
            width, height, 96, 96, PixelFormats.Default);
        var targetFrame = BitmapFrame.Create(target);
        return targetFrame;

Took from

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