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I created the extension "unaccent" on the postgresql database but when I run a select using the "unaccent" it always return 1 row but with a blank line.

select ts_lexize('unaccent', 'Hôtel');

(1 row)

Expected according to the documentation:

select ts_lexize('unaccent','Hôtel');
(1 row)

Also when I run:

SELECT unaccent('unaccent', 'Hôtel');

it shows:

(1 row)
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I suppose you have the .rules file installed, right? – didierc Apr 4 '13 at 21:13
Yes, it's the default Ubuntu installation, it's located on /usr/share/postgresql/9.1/tsearch_data/unaccent.rules. If I change the dictionary 'unaccent' to another one, it says that the dict doens't exists, so it is using the right dictionary. – Tarantula Apr 5 '13 at 0:03
Ok, I was just checking the obvious, first. – didierc Apr 5 '13 at 0:17

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I just discovered that the problem was that the database encoding, which was using the SQL_ASCII encoding, so I dropped the database, recreated it with UTF-8 and then it started to worked fine. It seems that the unaccent doesn't work with SQL_ASCII.

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It depends on Postgres editor or Operational System. Problably you're using MacOS or Linux to show the results. I agreed Tarantula. If you change encoding database to UTF-8, it will be much better.

Try to execute this select in a Postgres Windows editor. With me worked. The "blank" result appered.

Hgs =)

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