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I want to make a shell script to run periodically to check and move my video files if they have subtitles associated

Kind of like this:

sourceDir = "/volume/mount/Videos";
destinationDir = "/volume/mount/VideosWithSubtitles";
validExtensions = ["avi", "mkv", "mp4"]

for every file in sourceDir that has a "validExtension"
check if a file with the same name but with a ".srt" extension exists
if it does, move both of them to "destinationDir"

I am not familiar with shell scripts, hence why I would appreciate your help.

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If you need someone to code for you, a better place would be ... Read the FAQ – Gilles Quenot Apr 4 '13 at 21:30

Quick and dirty, change to meet your need

set -x
cd $sourceDir
for i in *.mp4 *.mkv *.avi; do  
    if [ -f "${i%.*}.srt" ]; then 
        mv $i $destinationDir
        mv ${i%.*}.srt $destinationDir

set +x


hvn@lappy: /tmp () $ bash
+ cd /tmp/src
+ for i in '*.mp4' '*.mkv' '*.avi'
+ '[' -f ']'
+ for i in '*.mp4' '*.mkv' '*.avi'
+ '[' -f ']'
+ for i in '*.mp4' '*.mkv' '*.avi'
+ '[' -f ']'
+ mv abc.avi /tmp/dest
+ mv /tmp/dest
+ set +x

read more about %.* here: Extract filename and extension in bash

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This does not account for files/folders with spaces, please quote your variables. – Adrian Frühwirth Apr 5 '13 at 12:12

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