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I am bulk loading data in to Netezza from the text file using EXTERNAL TABLE and after loading data in to external table I am updating those some columns in the same external table since you cannot update external table I have to stage all the data from external table to one Temp Table and than I able able to do the updates whereas Is there any other way where I can directly bulk load the textfile data into the Table instead of External Table in Netezza?

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Look at nzload http://www.enzeecommunity.com/message/12759

Example: To load the database dev as user admin with the password production, specifying the table name areacode, using tab delimiters, and specifying the input file as phone-prefix. dat, enter:

nzload -u admin -pw production -db dev -t areacode -delim '\t' -df phone-prefix.dat

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Try nzload, as @cairnz said. Also, If you are connecting over ODBC, you can use the REMOTESOURCE ODBC option to load from a text file into a table, bypassing the creation of a separate external table. Take a look at the Netezza Data Loading Guide PDF provided by IBM.

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If you are using straight ODBC. I would consider a "Transient External Table"

INSERT INTO target_table SELECT * FROM EXTERNAL 'C:\FileName.txt' using( delim '|' datestyle 'MDY' datedelim '/' REMOTESOURCE 'ODBC' MAXERRORS 50 LOGDIR 'C:\');

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