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I am trying to combine data from p1.php with data from p2.php and submit together to mySQL, in p1.php:

$.post("p2.php", $("#myForm1").serialize());

and then direct to p2.php :


In p2.php I also have a form IDed myForm2:

$.post("p2.php", $("#myForm2").serialize());

then in p2.php, I inset data to mySQL, but the result is I can't really have the data from myForm1 (which was located in p1.php),

What should I do with it??? THX!

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Save the data in the session array.

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-1 for the short length and lack of example. – Danny Beckett Apr 4 '13 at 23:05
I understand your point of view @DannyBeckett, but I am not going to modify my answer. I don't like to read lengthy answers so I write the way I like to read - short (unless there are no other way, obviously). I thank you for bother to explain. I would suggest you to up vote one of the other (lengthy) answers. – Helio Santos Apr 5 '13 at 6:51

Get the serialized data from myFOrm1, and put it into hidden field in myForm2, then when submitting myForm2 you will get everything from that form + the data from the first form. You can set the serialized data from myForm1 into $_SESSION or smth, so it will not be accessible from the frontend. Then, at any moment you can retrieve that data.

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Hi, I am new to php, could you please explain how to serialize data from myFOrm1, and put it into hidden field? I tried serialized data from myForm1 into $_SESSION but it doesn't work. Thanks! – Huang Hao Apr 8 '13 at 2:46

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