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I have a small Flask app which renders blog posts:

class ListView(MethodView):

    def get(self, page=1):
        posts = Post.objects.all()
        return render_template('posts/list.html', posts=posts)

This is all good, but I would like to add pagination to the posts object. Looking at the project docs, I see there is a pagination class.

So I tried this:

class ListView(MethodView):

    def get(self, page=1):
        posts = Post.objects.paginate(page=page, per_page=10)
        return render_template('posts/list.html', posts=posts)

But now I get an error:

TypeError: 'Pagination' object is not iterable

So how do I iterate through my posts in the template?

Any help much appreciated.

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What is your template code ? Can you share ? – codegeek Apr 4 '13 at 23:50
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The Pagination object has an items list which will contain the mongoengine document objects (in your case the Post objects). This list can be iterated through to display the documents.

For example, in your template:

{% for post in posts.items %}
    {{ post.title }}
    {{ post.content }}
{% endfor %}

To get the actual page numbers for pagination links, use iter_pages():

<div id="pagination-links">
    {% for page in posts.iter_pages() %}
        {{ page }}
    {% endfor %}

Both the documentation and the github link above, have a better example for pagination links:

{% macro render_pagination(pagination, endpoint) %}
    <div class=pagination>
        {%- for page in pagination.iter_pages() %}
            {% if page %}
                {% if page != %}
                    <a href="{{ url_for(endpoint, page=page) }}">{{ page }}</a>
                {% else %}
                    <strong>{{ page }}</strong>
                {% endif %}
            {% else %}
                <span class=ellipsis>…</span>
            {% endif %}
        {%- endfor %}
{% endmacro %}
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updated github links to reflect latest flask-mongoengine release – May 9 '13 at 13:12

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