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I have a string of data in the form "X0507Y0512Z0413". I am using VB to read the data from a pic microcontroller, and load the data into excel using VB script found on web. I can get the first line of data into the first cell of my spreadsheet in the form as above. However I wish to separate this string into three columns X,Y & Z and drop the letter from the beginning of each variable. It would also have to read in up to 20 seconds of data at a time so each value would need to be appended to the previous. Here is my VB script thus far, I have tried the Split() command and received an Error 13 type mismatch.

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()

   Dim intPortID As Integer ' Ex. 1, 2, 3, 4 for COM1 - COM4
   Dim lngStatus As Long
   Dim strData   As String
   Dim xyzData As String

   intPortID = 4
   lngStatus = CommRead(intPortID, strData, 1)
   xyzData = Split(strData, "X""Y""Z")
   Range("A2,B2,C2").Value = xyzData

End Sub

I am a total novice so this may be quite a simple fix, so apologies if it seems trivial. Any suggestions would be great.



Would it be made simpler if each variable were separated by a comma?

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This is not VB.NET, looks like VB6 – Steve Apr 4 '13 at 22:45

The first problem is that xyzData is set to be a string. As you're populating it from a Split you need an array:

Dim xyzData() as String

I can't think of an easy way to do the splitting in VBA as you're splitting by a different character each time - its needs a bespoke function to handle it. The following works - my VBA is a little rusty, so it might be possible to make it neater, but I think it works:

Private Function SplitXYZ(strData As String) As String()

    Dim pos1 As Integer
    Dim pos2 As Integer
    Dim char As String
    Dim i As Integer

    Dim ret() As String
    Dim retCount As Integer
    ReDim ret(0)

    For i = 1 To Len(strData)

        'Get and check the character from the string
        char = Mid(strData, i, 1)
        If char = "X" Or char = "Y" Or char = "Z" Then

            'Set the positions for the new range
            pos1 = pos2
            pos2 = i

            'If the range is valid then add to the results
            If pos1 > 0 Then
                ReDim Preserve ret(retCount)
                ret(retCount) = Mid(strData, pos1 + 1, pos2 - pos1 - 1)
                retCount = retCount + 1
            End If

        End If
    Next i

    'Add any final string
    ReDim Preserve ret(retCount)
    ret(retCount) = Mid(strData, pos2 + 1, Len(strData) - pos2)

    SplitXYZ = ret

End Function

Using it is as simple as:

Private Sub Test()

   Dim strData   As String
   Dim xyzData() As String

   strData = "X0507Y0512Z0413"
   xyzData = SplitXYZ(strData)

End Sub

How you then use the split array is up to you.

One other thing: If you can assume that each piece of data in your string is the same length (ie 4 digits with the letter in front) then breaking the string down by length might be simpler, but you've not specified that this is the case, so I've not assumed it.

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This works a treat, however will need to figure out a way to get each split string into respective cells, should not be too hard. Will update when have a result. Would like to thank Jon Egerton, your speedy reply and insight were extremely helpful, I commend you, thank you. – Saran Jackson Apr 10 '13 at 14:53

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