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I am trying to get row numbers for my table. So far this is my SQL Prompt:

SELECT @i = @i + 1 AS Rank, x.Name, x.PartyName, x.ConstituencyName, x.Votes 
    SELECT CONCAT(t1.Firstname, ' ', t1.Lastname) AS Name, t1.PartyName, t1.ConstituencyName, COALESCE(t2.Count, 0) AS Votes
        FROM (
            (SELECT db.user.PID, db.user.Firstname, db.user.Lastname, db.party.PartyName, db.constituency.ConstituencyName 
                FROM db.user
                LEFT JOIN db.party ON db.user.PartyId = db.party.PartyID 
                LEFT JOIN db.constituency ON db.user.CID = db.constituency.CID
                WHERE db.user.PartyId IS NOT NULL
                AND db.user.CID IS NOT NULL
            ) t1
            LEFT JOIN
            (SELECT db.user.Vote, COUNT(*) AS 'Count' 
                FROM db.user 
                GROUP BY db.user.Vote
            ) t2
            t1.PID = t2.Vote
        ORDER BY t2.Count DESC)
        ) x,
(SELECT @i:=1) r

So what this basically does is that, first I create a table t1(that gets information from 2 different tables) and then join it with table t2 so I can get every candidate with their total votes. Then I have marked that table as 'x' and joined it with the table 'r' that should initialise the row numbers(used an online tutorial for the row numbers). However when I run this SQL Prompt I get the following in return:

Rank    Name    PartyName   ConstituencyName    Votes
0       Name1   Party1      Constituency1       700
0       Name2   Party1      Constituency1       550

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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This is user variable and you should use := not =

SELECT @i := @i + 1 AS Rank,...
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OMG. I even used that annotation before(but then the numbers were all messed up, cause I used different function back then), but yeah, this did the trick. Thanks! –  Visna Apr 4 '13 at 23:21
you're welcome :) –  John Woo Apr 4 '13 at 23:23

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