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When a mobile user presses their home button (android or iphone), the browser minimizes and pauses my java countdown script to log out the page and kill their session. My goal is to log them off immediately when they return to the page. I have played around with the blur and focus jquery functions but not having much success. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm using PHP, Jquery, Ajax. Thanks in advance!

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Not entirely sure how each phone would react, but you could attach to the focus event on the html or body tag and see how it works. Make sure you test fully in Android versions as the older versions are very different from each other, the Emulator that comes with the SDK is very good for testing. –  Moby's Stunt Double Apr 5 '13 at 0:53
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Try using onbeforeunload event

window.addEventListener("beforeunload", function(e){
    //You can execute ajax to kill session
      url: "logout.php",
      context: document.body
    //If you want to promp leaving
    //Else, dont return any
    return "Are u sure?";
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