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I'm doing exactly this :


open FILE1, "<Exed.exe";
open FILE2, ">Fileinhexadecimal.txt";

binmode FILE1;

while (<FILE1>) {
$lines = $_;
$lines = unpack("H*", $lines);
chomp $lines;
print FILE2 "$lines\n";

close (FILE1);
close (FILE2)
print "Finish\n";

After, i created other program to read this ".txt" file to search some infos.

With this script, I'm creating a text file containing hexadecimal data of a .exe file. My great problem is :

1- I want extract the line with regexp : /8B55-(.*)-8B55/ (With the second script, that wasn't posted here)

2 - Here is the problem :

Ever my file.txt is like this :


When i run the script, the script just pop these data :

"646464", "656565".

You still not understanding my question. I want to extract : 646464, 636363, 656565, 666666. But the script, when it found the first match, he's jumping to the next line, don't reading the rest.

Can you help how could i catch all matchs ? Other example :


Here, the script will only catch the 646464 and ILOVEYOU. (is missing 686868):/

The real file that i'm searching for some data, is very big and have some lines, bigger than this example.

I tried to use "g" : if ($lines =~ /(.*)/g) {

but not works.

My second script :

I'm trying running this script :


open FILE, "<Fileinhexadecimal.txt";

while (<FILE>) {
$lines = $_;
if ($lines =~ /8B55-(.*)-8B55/g) {
print "-$1\n";
close (FILE)


And nothing happens. I'm trying extract certain sequencial words from a giant file, and is happening this, i just used 8B55 as example. But the problem is the same. New idea ? How could i use your code ?

@match = /8B55-(.*?)-8B55/g; print "@match\n";

??? thanks for resp and sorry for the bad english

Real question

The line is :


In this line, i have 6 data to extract.

I use this regexp to extract :


On the first line, we have 3 matchs, on the second we have 2 matchs and last line we have 1 match (8BCEE8F4C3FFFF6A016A1E6A1E6871010000)

I want to extract, practically, \1 \2 \3 \4 and \5. I tried using if :

if ($lines =~ /8BCEE8....FFFF6A(..)6A(..)6A(..)68(..)(..)0000/g) { print "$5$4 $1$2$3" }

But with this code, i just can take one match per line. And not all matchs. Understood ? :/ I want to extract, by example, here :


I want to extract the word after 6A, after 6A, after 6A and the 4 letters after 68. :/ \o/ thanks for the advise, iluv u!

In this file, there are 1000 lines with the same regexp. I want to extract these 1000 lines.

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Please show the code that you're having problems with, not some other code that produces the data. – Borodin Apr 5 '13 at 0:58
I edited my first post with the script code, to catch those infos. – Vashet Apr 5 '13 at 1:05
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Does this help?

while (<DATA>) {
  print $1, "\n" while /(?<=8B55-)(\w+)(?=-8B55)/g;





This does what I think you need for your full question.

while (<DATA>) {

  while (/8BCEE8....FFFF6A(..)6A(..)6A(..)68(..)(..)0000/g) {
    print join(' ', $1, $2, $3, $4, $5), "\n";



01 2B 2B 6C 01
01 2B 2B 6C 01
01 0E 0E 6D 01
01 14 14 F2 01
00 0E 0E 70 01
01 1E 1E 71 01
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Yeah,it's helped me so much. It's what i was searching all time. But my really trouble is more complicated, because don't have - to separate the words. Look : 8BCEE8(..)C5FFFF6A(..)6A(..)6A(..)68(..)(..)0000 I'm trying just to get ALL between (), but i can't get it. How could i get the \2 \3 \4 and \5 using your code ? and how to print in a file ? sorry, i'm very newbie. =/ – Vashet Apr 5 '13 at 1:17
Please add to your question and show a sample of your real data. – Borodin Apr 5 '13 at 1:21
I edited with a real data. Still a little confused, but i think you will understand. thanks for the advise - – Vashet Apr 5 '13 at 1:34
I have updated my answer with what I think you need. – Borodin Apr 5 '13 at 1:43
OMG. Stickied! Thanks so much, you are the angel of my life. hehe! thanks so much so much ! stay with God. - – Vashet Apr 5 '13 at 1:49

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