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I'm working on a report and am satisfied with the results it is returning, however, I can't get the chart created how I'd like it.

In my report I'm looking at each Promotion_Content (ID) which can have one or more values in the Approval Stage table (each time it is approved at a different level it inserts a line into this table). I want to return only the most recent Approval Stage for each Promotion_Content_Id and then display in a chart the percentage that is at the different stages (Approved, Unsubmitted etc.).

I've set up grouping on Promotion_Content_Id which brings back 1 or more records for each unique Promotion_Content_Id. I've then set up this Formula Field:

Minimum ({Benn_Promotion_Approval_Stage.Approval_Stage},{Benn_Promotion_Content.Promotion_Content_Id})

Which brings back the most recent Approval Stage - so all is looking good so far. I plan to suppress the details as I'm only concerned about the most recent Approval Stage for each entry.

The trouble comes when I try to add this field into my Chart, it won't allow me to add it in. Could someone explain why and offer a solution?


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Does it display a specific error? If so, include it in your question. – Grant Winney Apr 5 '13 at 1:57
No error. When trying to create the chart it won't allow me to select that Formula Field in the Show Values. So I am unable to create the chart! – Jordan Murphy Apr 5 '13 at 2:05

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