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I'm getting stumped by what should be a really simple str_replace function. In my database, I have a field for a minecraft server motd(message of the day). When I collect data from servers I store the data including the motd in my database.

Servers are able to color motds by adding a color code, which I have stored in the database as &sect then a number specifying the color. I'm trying to use str_replace to turn the &sectnumber into an html element with the actual color. I came up with the following code:

if ($server_data['show_motd'] == 1) {
        $motd = $server_data['motd'];
        $motd = str_replace("&sect0","</span><span style=\"color:#000\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect1","</span><span style=\"color:#00A\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect2","</span><span style=\"color:#0A0\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect3","</span><span style=\"color:#0AA\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect4","</span><span style=\"color:#A00\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect5","</span><span style=\"color:#A0A\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect6","</span><span style=\"color:#FA0\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect7","</span><span style=\"color:#AAA\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect8","</span><span style=\"color:#555\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sect9","</span><span style=\"color:#55F\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&secta","</span><span style=\"color:#5F5\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sectb","</span><span style=\"color:#5FF\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sectc","</span><span style=\"color:#F55\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sectd","</span><span style=\"color:#F5F\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&secte","</span><span style=\"color:#FF5\">", $motd);
        $motd = str_replace("&sectf","</span><span style=\"color:#FFF\">", $motd);

        echo "

    <td class=\"serverdisplayspan\">MOTD:</td>
    <td class=\"serverdisplaylidet\"><span>$motd</span</td>

However, none of the str_replace functions are doing anything. The weird thing is that when I replace

$motd = $server_data['motd'];


$motd = "&sectcWelcome to &sectbSkyBlock&sectc!"

which is what is stored in the database, it works perfectly. Without the str_replaces, the two variables look exactly the same. I've even checked the type of each variable using gettype() and both of them are strings. I've also tried utf_decode() on the database result, but nothing seems to work.

Is there some difference between the database result and the string i just typed in? I can't find out what it is but there must obviously be one.


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So the value in your database is &sectcWelcome to &sectbSkyBlock&sectc! ? – What have you tried Apr 5 '13 at 2:51
Yeah, the value in the database is exactly that. – mongy910 Apr 5 '13 at 2:52
And to be clear, when you use $motd = "&sectcWelcome to &sectbSkyBlock&sectc!" - all of the string replace functions are working? – What have you tried Apr 5 '13 at 2:53
Yeah, that string is displayed as colored text exactly how I meant it to. – mongy910 Apr 5 '13 at 2:54
When you look at the value from the database, are you viewing it in an HTML document? If so, it's probably &amp;sectcWelcome to &amp;sectbSkyBlock&amp;sectc! – Phil Apr 5 '13 at 2:56

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How about something like this (swaps out your inline styles for CSS classes)

$motd = preg_replace('/&(amp;)?(sect[0-9a-f])/',
    '</span><span class="$2">', $motd);

Quick demo here with mixed & and &amp; -

With this, you'll also want to add something like this to your stylesheet

.sect0 { color: #000; }
.sect1 { color: #00A; }
.sect2 { color: #0A0; }
/* etc */
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Thanks for the answer, but I tried it and it again worked for written version but not for the database. Do you know if theres something other than the & that is changed when written to an html document? Is there a way to see the pure code? – mongy910 Apr 5 '13 at 3:06
@mongy910 You'll need to provide an actual value from your database. View the source (as in right-click -> view source) of your page to get the raw HTML value – Phil Apr 5 '13 at 3:07
the view source of the page just says "&sectcWelcome to &sectbSkyBlock&sectc!" It doesn't seem to give the raw value – mongy910 Apr 5 '13 at 3:11

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