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This the struct that I declared :-

struct page_table_entry {
    struct addrspace* as;
    vaddr_t va;
    //page_state_t state;
    int timestamp;

Now I want to dynamically allocate memory for an array of this. My implementation is here :-

struct page_table_entry **coremap = (struct page_table_entry**)
kmalloc(npages*sizeof(struct page_table_entry*));
int i;
    coremap[i] = (struct page_table_entry*)kmalloc(sizeof(struct page_table_entry));

Its giving me an error on the last line where I am accesing the variable va. Error is:-

error: request for member `va' in something not a structure or union
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coremap[i]->va? – maditya Apr 5 '13 at 2:52
Oh!! you are right. Was stressing a bit too much on the allocation that I didn't pay much attention to this. – fatrock92 Apr 5 '13 at 2:54
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You have an array of pointers to structs, not an array of structs.

In the line coremap[i] = (struct page_table_entry*)kmalloc(sizeof(struct page_table_entry)); you cast your memory allocation to page_table_entry*, so coremap[i] is this pointer.

You access the actual struct via

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coremap is a pointer to a pointer to a struct page_table_entry.

When you dereference it with coremap[i] you get a pointer to a struct page_table_entry.

You cannot use . on a pointer to a structure. You must use ->:



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Aside from the obvious change to coremap[i]->va, you could change to an array of structs:

struct page_table_entry *coremap = (struct page_table_entry*)kmalloc(npages*sizeof(struct page_table_entry));
int i;
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