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I'm looking for a good ASP.NET RichTextBox component that integrates fairly easily with .NET Framework 3.5 Ajax, specifically one that can easily provide its values from inside an UpdatePanel.

I got burned by RicherComponents RichTextBox which still does not reference the Framework 3.5.


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Look at FCKEditor for a free solution. I'm unsure if it's usable inside an update panel, but it's free and opensource.

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The latest version of the FCKEditor works perfectly in an update panel. I just switched from the crappy RicherComponents RTB which did not work (same as the OP's situation). – Ray Jezek Oct 17 '08 at 19:58

If you would consider going with an HTML editor instead of a Rich Text format editor, I recommend the Telerik web editor. It is very flexible and integrates quite solidly with Ajax.

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Googled based on craigmoliver's answer and found this:

Basically, it's a solution to allow FCKEditor to work in an update panel, which I will try and post if it work.

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Oh, also from the FCKSite: "July 26, 2008 - FCKeditor.Net 2.6.3 released : This new version of our ASP.Net integration fixes incompatibility issues with the Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX UpdatePanel. Other minor fixes are also included." – ZeroBugBounce Oct 1 '08 at 16:00

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