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I have a in/out producer in Camel that only hangs around for a limited time before getting back to the caller. Some times this naturally results in a dead letter item and an exception being caught by the caller when the response is late.

What I would like to do is have the caller receive a timeout message instead of an exception and the item to never end up in the DLQ. Naturally I could put a listener on the DLQ but as the item has a home to go to it shouldn't really ever get to the DLQ.

Does anyone have a pattern for this? How would it be done? There are redundant consumer patterns (see Camel in Action link) but this is kind of a combined producer/consumer problem generated by the in/out pattern.

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try posting it at camel-nabble archive. –  Sikorski Apr 5 '13 at 8:11
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Sounds like you are using the Dead Letter Channel error handler, try using the noErrorHandler - http://camel.apache.org/error-handler

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