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I have a class aluno that has :telefone attribute. I want to limit the same telefone number in 3 times. It's just possible to have 3 telefone numbers in :telefone column.

Before I create a new aluno, I would have to check if already have 3 alunos with the same telefone.

It would be like a "SELECT count(telefone) FROM alunos where telefone = '_FORM.telefone'

if count = 3 Message "Max 3 telefones already reached"

How would I do that?

Thanks all!

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Yes, you need to create a custom validator in your model. It would look something like below.

class Aluno < ActiveRecord::Base

  validate :there_are_three_max_telefone

  def there_are_three_max_telefone
    alunos = Aluno.find_all_by_telefone(telefone)
    if alunos.count >= 3
      errors[:base] << "Max 3 telefones already reached"
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That's it man! Thanks a lot! –  MMeirelles Apr 5 '13 at 4:28
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You can do something like this:

a = alunos.find_all_by_telefone(params[:telefone])
if a.count >= 3:
   message = "Max reached"
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I would use a custom method for this validation. Something like this should go into your Aluno model.

validate :telefone_count

def telefone_count
  tele_count = Aluno.where(telefone: telefone).count
  if tele_count >= 3
    errors.add(:telefone, "Already 3 or more with the same telefone.")
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