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I have a webpage and when the user has scrolled at any point, I want a div tag to change its class from "the top" to "the topscrolled".

I think you have to use the .scrollTop() to do this but not quite sure how to use it. Here is the html code

<div class="thetop">
        <?php /** Begin Header **/ if ($gantry->countModules('header')) : ?>
        <div id="rt-header">
           <div class="rt-container">
             <?php echo $gantry->displayModules('header','standard','standard'); ?>
             <div class="clear"></div>
         <?php /** End Header **/ endif; ?>

I would also like to include the class named 'scrolled' in the body tag after the user has scrolled to apply separate css styling.

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Yes, you can use the ScrollTop function.

You can use it on the body like this :


It will return the number of pixels scrolled.

Let's say you want to add a class after 500 pixels scrolled :

    // This function will be called at each scroll event
        $('body').unbind(); // You don't want to add the class at each scroll event, just once.
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