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I am trying to connect to some files via my Galaxy tab 2 10.1 version 4.1.1. I have them on my PC at home and want to connect to the local host. On my computer it is localhost/insight_systems/waitStaffPos/waitStaffPos.php but when i put in my PC's IP address and the file names it comes up with this "No Devices Found, IP = which is the address of my tablet. The files are PHP, Ajax, JavaScript and HTML. It seems to be an issue with the waitStaffPos.php because i can get into the other folders fine. Do i need a special app on the tablet to allow these files. I have looked online and people are just saying to type it in and nothing about why i get that error. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am connected wi-fi for my PC and for the tablet. As for the ports i am not 100% sure what ones they are listening in on. How do i determine the ports and stuff? The PHP files I am running are a POS (Point Of Sale) system for touch screens so i thought i could just use the local host and test it on my tablet.

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how are you connected to your pc through wifi or through USB, if through wifi type ipconfig on your computer to see what ip your hotspot is using , use that ip to access the local host, secondly you need to check what ports your apache is listening to outside of localhost –  Ujwal Abhishek Apr 5 '13 at 4:54
Can you please add some details on what the php files does? –  Sourav048 Apr 5 '13 at 4:55

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