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I have Mysql procedure which will return 5 tables, Now i need to set those tables to Single Excel files 5 different sheets. I am using VS 2010, Jquery, ASP.Net. How to write that table's in excel file on a new sheet.enter image description here

    $("#btnExcel").click(function (e) {


var trcoll = $('#divExcelExporting').find('.border-middle1').find('tr');

$.each(trcoll, function (d, f) {

var trcol2 = $('#divExcelExporting').find('.border-middle2').find('tr');

$.each(trcol2, function (d, f) {

var trcol3 = $('#divExcelExporting').find('.border-middle3').find('tr');

$.each(trcol3, function (d, f) {

var trcol4 = $('#divExcelExporting').find('.border-middle4').find('tr');

$.each(trcol4, function (d, f) {

var trcol5 = $('#divExcelExporting').find('.border-middle5').find('tr');

$.each(trcol5, function (d, f) {

WebService.SetVendorHTML($('#divExcelExporting').html(), OnWSRequestComplete);


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Did you tried anything so far? Show your effort first.. You can read FAQ and How to Ask – Soner Gönül Apr 5 '13 at 5:32
I have tried for single sheet, but I need advice how to add second table to new i.e. 2nd sheet – Constant Learner Apr 5 '13 at 5:37
Will anybody help, ServerSide code also acceptable. Pls show me the way – Constant Learner Apr 5 '13 at 5:44
you could save each table to a recordset then paste on a sheet. repeat 5 times for 5 sheets. – Meehow Apr 5 '13 at 6:59
u have to use interop.excel to create excel from c# you will get code easily on google – Mayur Apr 5 '13 at 7:20
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I got solution from OpenXML.

     string path = Context.Server.MapPath("~/ExcelData/test.xslx");
     ExportDataSet(ds, path);

  private void ExportDataSet(DataSet ds, string destination)
    using (var workbook = SpreadsheetDocument.Create(destination, DocumentFormat.OpenXml.SpreadsheetDocumentType.Workbook))
        var workbookPart = workbook.AddWorkbookPart();

        workbook.WorkbookPart.Workbook = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Workbook();

        workbook.WorkbookPart.Workbook.Sheets = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheets();

        foreach (System.Data.DataTable table in ds.Tables)

            var sheetPart = workbook.WorkbookPart.AddNewPart<WorksheetPart>();
            var sheetData = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.SheetData();
            sheetPart.Worksheet = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Worksheet(sheetData);

            DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheets sheets = workbook.WorkbookPart.Workbook.GetFirstChild<DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheets>();
            string relationshipId = workbook.WorkbookPart.GetIdOfPart(sheetPart);

            uint sheetId = 1;
            if (sheets.Elements<DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheet>().Count() > 0)
                sheetId =
                    sheets.Elements<DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheet>().Select(s => s.SheetId.Value).Max() + 1;

            DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheet sheet = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Sheet() { Id = relationshipId, SheetId = sheetId, Name = table.TableName };

            DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Row headerRow = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Row();

            List<String> columns = new List<string>();
            foreach (System.Data.DataColumn column in table.Columns)

                DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Cell cell = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Cell();
                cell.DataType = DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.CellValues.String;
                cell.CellValue = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.CellValue(column.ColumnName);


            foreach (System.Data.DataRow dsrow in table.Rows)
                DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Row newRow = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Row();
                foreach (String col in columns)
                    DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Cell cell = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.Cell();
                    cell.DataType = DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.CellValues.String;
                    cell.CellValue = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.CellValue(dsrow[col].ToString()); //



References :

using DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Packaging;
using DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Spreadsheet;
using DocumentFormat.OpenXml;
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