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I'm trying to write a query to work out how much commission that my client's company earns in a month as below

SELECT (rate * SUM(duration) / 180) as commission
        FROM   teacher, person, lesson 
        WHERE  person.id = teacher.person_id
        AND    lesson.teacher = person.id
        AND    MONTH(start_time) = MONTH(NOW())
        GROUP BY person.id

This is fine for working out this month, but how would I do this to give results for the past 12 months?

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Use GROUP BY person.id, MONTH(start_time) and change the last AND clause in the WHERE into MONTH(NOW()) - MONTH(start_time) <= 12.

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this is not good when there are several years in the database, but I get the idea –  Robert Oct 17 '09 at 17:42
@Robert, it's equivalent to the MONTH check in the original -- if a YEAR check is needed here, it's also needed in the original. I do suspect you're in for a close-to-full-table scan in both cases (mysql can't use an index for computed expressions such as MONTH(blah)), but the only workaround, if that's indeed a problem, would be to denormalize the table (lesson, I assume) by adding a logically redundant month field and an appropriate composite index. –  Alex Martelli Oct 17 '09 at 18:17

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