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I want to filter data in a list-view when i select a class from spinner. Any sample project or any link which is related to this, please provide me. enter image description here

i have data like in this format. Thanks in advance.

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I need filter via spinner. Here is edit text. –  Ashu Apr 5 '13 at 6:56
Hello Friends, I want Filter list view from Spinner. stackoverflow.com/questions/5658751/… this have edit-text. –  Ashu Apr 5 '13 at 7:09

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You can check these: Search In ListView or Custom ListView Filters.

Also,from your requirements, AutoCompleteTextView is more suitable than Spinner.

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You haven't detailed your question but i think you want to select a class from spinner and according to that selection you want to update the "listview" only for the class, selected from spinner.

If I'm right then it is very simple,

First of all you have to update your arrayList<> only for the selected classes (Here your logic will work, It's on you to choose whatever algorithm.)

Secondly, Update your list-adapter using following methods-


It'll again call your adapter for updated arrayList<> and now it's done. :)

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