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I am finding a way to always get empty form when opening bootstrap modalbox without refresing page.

Problem is that when user enters its data submit form and open modalbox again then it shows previous given data :. how can i compeletly refresh the form onclose modelbox ????

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In Bootstrap 3 you can reset your form after your modal window has been closed as follows:

$('.modal').on('hidden.bs.modal', function(){
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THANKS! this works! –  Alyssa Reyes Mar 26 at 11:26
But after closing the modal, how can I make the dismissal message fade? –  Alyssa Reyes Mar 26 at 11:29

u can make a js function to do that. like:

$.clearInput = function () {
        $('form').find('input[type=text], input[type=password], input[type=number], input[type=email], textarea').val('');

and then u can call that function each time your modal is hidden: like:

$('#Your_Modal').on('hidden', function () {
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I went with a slightly modified version of @shibbir's answer:

// Clear form fields in a designated area of a page
$.clearFormFields = function(area) {

Called this way:

$('#my-modal').on('hidden', function(){
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The below solution solved my problem and also kept the default values

$('body').on('hidden.bs.modal', '.modal', function () { 
  $(this).find('input[type="text"],input[type="email"],textarea,select').each(function() { 
    if (this.defaultValue != '' || this.value != this.defaultValue) {
         this.value = this.defaultValue; 
    } else { this.value = ''; }
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Consider adding some explanation to your code, so that it is useful for new readers. –  fedorqui Sep 26 at 12:40

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