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I want to install this package on two different machines. http://www.2decomp.org/download.html

On my Mac laptop, when I am using the Makefile.inc.x86 as my Makefile.inc, and do a make, it works straight away without any problem. But on the other machine when I use the same Makefile.inc file, I am getting the following error:

[k00603@fe01p05 src]$make
mpif90 -DDOUBLE_PREC -O3 -fcray-pointer -cpp  -c decomp_2d.f90
gfortran: unrecognized option '-cpp'
Warning: decomp_2d.f90:20: Illegal preprocessor directive
Warning: decomp_2d.f90:21: Illegal preprocessor directive
Warning: decomp_2d.f90:22: Illegal preprocessor directive
Warning: decomp_2d.f90:23: Illegal preprocessor directive
--- around 50 more lines with the same warning --------
In file decomp_2d.f90:32

integer, parameter, public :: ga_real_type = MT_F_DBL
Error: Symbol 'mt_f_dbl' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type
In file decomp_2d.f90:33

integer, parameter, public :: ga_complex_type = MT_F_DCPL
Error: Symbol 'mt_f_dcpl' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type
In file decomp_2d.f90:36
------------ a lot of other errors --------------------

Both of them are Linux x86_64 machines. Any ideas what can I do to install it on the other machine?

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Your gfortran is probably too old. -cpp option was added in 2008. Get a new one, or try -x f95-cpp-input or -x f77-cpp-input istead.

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To guarantee preprocessing, you could rename decomp_2d.f90 to decomp_2d.F90. I know -cpp should already guarantee it, but it may be worth a try since we don't necessarily know what the underlying compiler is.

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