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I have a query looking like

SELECT fld from table
WHERE id > 50000 
AND fld_1 = 0 
LIMIT 1000

Both id and fld_1 are indexed. But its always using either one of them together for better result? Force index is using only one of them.

I am referring -

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I don't know of any way to force an index-merge. The conditions on that manual page describe the conditions when an index-merge can be done, and the optimizer should do it automatically if it can (and if the cost-based optimizer decides it's worth it to do so). You can't force an index-merge if it's not possible.

But a compound index usually performs better than index-merge anyway, so that would be a better strategy.

The order of columns matters. Put the columns for equality comparisons first in the index, then columns for inequality comparisons.

CREATE INDEX idxFld1Id ON `table` (fld_1, id);

See also my presentation How to Design Indexes, Really.

You can make schema changes such as creating indexes -- without downtime -- by using

Of course, first try it on a test copy of your database, to learn how to use the tool.

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Thanks for the response. As of now adding an index is almost impossible for me as it will required few hours of downtime. So I was trying to make use of existing indexes. If I create index on (fld1, id) there is more probabilty of picking the index as cardinality is too high and I am bit concerned whether it will be used even when some other index is suppose to be used. – georgecj11 Apr 17 '13 at 3:52
@BillKarwin, What's the disadvantages of "pt Online Schema Change"? – Pacerier Feb 1 at 19:42
@Pacerier, pt-online-schema-change is slower than using a conventional ALTER TABLE. It requires the table have a primary key and do not have triggers. Otherwise, it doesn't have much disadvantage. I suggest you watch the webinar by its author, see Zero-Downtime Schema Changes in MySQL – Bill Karwin Feb 3 at 4:58

Try below by replacing your index name SELECT fld from table use index (xxx) WHERE id > 50000 AND fld_1 = 0 LIMIT 1000

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It doesnt work. I have tried force index too. But only one of the index will be used, not the both – georgecj11 Apr 5 '13 at 6:50
Have you tried with use index (xxx1,xxx2)? – shola Apr 5 '13 at 7:00
Yes, I did. If i say force index(index_1), it will never use index_2. I know that. – georgecj11 Apr 5 '13 at 7:05

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