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I have a C++ ATL COM adding that implements some utility functions that refer to the Excel API:

void DoSomething(CComPtr<Excel::Range> &masterCell)
    // ...
    CComPtr<Excel::Range> cell = masterCell->Offset[vertical][horizontal];
    // ...

When compiling an excel addin for x64 I'm getting lots of spurious errors such as:

cannot convert from 'Excel::Range' to 'ATL::CComPtr<T>'

However, when I compile for Win32 there is no problem. The helper utility functions are not exposed as excel UDF's so I don't think this question is applicable since the function does not have a STDMETHODIMP part.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Excel::Range comes from the following statements: #import "Excel.tlb" named_guids auto_rename ... and ... using namespace Excel; This version of Excel.tlb was generated from a 32-bit version of Excel. Do I need to generate a 64-bit one? –  Pat Mustard Apr 5 '13 at 8:38

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CComPtr accepts an interface as a template argument, while Range is dispinterface. You need CComPtr<Excel::IRange> instead.

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I tried using IRange but got the same result. –  Pat Mustard Jan 8 at 4:41
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Doh! Turns out that I was trying to reference a 32-bit excel installation in a 64-bit build:


Installing 64-bit excel fixed the issue.

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