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I need to add a file for downloading to a plugin, which provides a build step. I want to put link to it into a HTML help file for a build step field, and also be able to paste the link to e-mails etc.

Let's assume this is just a simple, plain plugin project, with pom.xml having this:

<name>My Special Plugin</name>

Name of the downloadable is myspecialtool.exe


  1. Where to put the file under the plugin project source

  2. What is the download URL, assuming Jenkins is at http://ciserver:8080

  3. What to write to a help HTML file to link to it "properly" (if different from above)

Hoping to get a good reference answer: clear, short and to-the-point.

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Store data that you want to be able to address as 'web data' in src/main/webapp in your plugin project.

That directory should be addressable as /plugin/<name of your plugin> (from 'Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook')

Answers to the enumerated questions:

  1. Put file under src/main/webapp, perhaps in a sub-folder, so:

  2. URL to that is is then:

  3. Link to put to help HTML files:

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