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When connecting to Azure services in my applications, is it preferable to use the DNS hostname or the IP?

For example, I have a SQL Server hosted in a virtual machine. Should I configure my web.config with 168.63.xxx.xxx or with mysqlserver001.cloudapp.net?


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There is no recommended strategy. While there is unofficial statement that the public IP address of a deployed cloud service (including Virtual Machine) will not change until it is completely deleted (all the VMs from the same cloud service are deleted, or the PaaS deployment is deleted), I would refrain from relying on it if I can. You can refer this blog post and the links it refers for the dilemma of "fixed IP Address".

I would use DNS name. I would even use my own domain name, which is CNAME-d to the xxx.cloudapp.net domain.

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Both IP address and DNS name would work and are persistent as long as you don't delete the VM. But DNS name looks more friendly from my point of view.

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