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I want to develop an android app where in I can send the data from my App to my web service (planning to develop in PHP), on a click of a button.

The data could be any thing from a set of text or integers.

I was reading out the RESTful, but nothing could make me really happy. Can someone suggest how actually i can achieve it, a code snippet could help?

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A beautiful starter ! A simple working example.May be you should google first ;)

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The PHP code will be very simple:

  • Connect to the database
  • Run an SQL query, with a WHERE block depending on data from POST/GET values
  • Output it in JSON format

In our Android application,

  • Use a HttpPost to get the data,
  • Convert response to string
  • Parse JSON data, and use it as you want


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Have a look at the following link to see the detailed answer with implemnetation that how user can send data from Android application to web:

How to send a JSON object over Request with Android?

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