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some months ago, I installed Python 2.7 on my laptop (my os is Windows 7). After, I decided to use Python xy 2.7.3 instead of 'pure' Python; so, as suggested, I removed Python 2.7 and tried to install Python xy 2.7.3. However, when I tried to run the .exe file for installation, a warning window appears telling me that Python 2.7 is already installed on my computer. I tried to install a different version of Python xy (2.6) and everything went fine; however, I'd really prefer to use the latest version of Python xy. Actually, I can't figure out what went wrong whie uninstalling Python 2.7; does someone have any clue? I can tell you that I followed the 'normal' procedure for programm uninstalltion; control panel -> Programs -> Remove Program

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Is your python installation still in your windows path? Also you can have multiple python installations. Different folders, different installations. -> More path entries. We need a little more than that. Uninstalling can have nasty side effects... –  SaCry Apr 5 '13 at 8:38

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I also had this issue as well. It was due to third party installs. Even though you have uninstalled python, it leaves all the third party libraries that were installed and I think Python(x,y) just detects the directory.

To fix, uninstall Python 2.7 and then check to see if C:\Python27 still exists. If it does, go ahead and delete and then try installing Python(x,y). That is what worked for me.

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Run regedit, backup and delete the registry keys:



My problem occurred when changing from Canopy to Python(x,y). So, also delete all folders that are left behind when uninstalling. https://support.enthought.com/entries/23580651-Uninstalling-Canopy

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Maybe to put an answer out there.

Uninstalling anything from windows can have multiple side effects residing completly on your specific machine. As to what is common:

-> Python sets itself in your windows path. Here is how to modify your windows path: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000549.htm It means that there is a probability that python is gone but the path entry might not be. That is a guess however -> more information needed

-> Are you sure that everything was removed from your computer? If you already did the normal uninstalling process - try to look up if any python directory is still present.

-> Thirdparty installed? Have you downloaded any libs that are still on your machine.

Besides from that - it could be anything - the more information you give us the more we can say about it.

Maybe this post will help you: How to completely remove Python from a Windows machine?

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I had python 2.7 installed and enthought canopy. I wanted to switch to python(x,y) to access a full version of the OpenCV library. python(x,y) installation complained about python 2.7 already being installed after: 1)Using windows control panel 2)Removing all lingering python files 3)Removing the windows path as suggested above

Not until I removed all registry entries related to python/enthough did python(x,y) install without issue.

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