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I have some code to display a google map. In my controller, I create the javascript:

MapCode = string.Format("<script type='text/javascript'>init_map('my_map', {0}, {1}, 20)</script>", location.Location.Coordinate.Latitude, location.Location.Coordinate.Longitude)

But I can't just write that to my view:


Because that just displays the actual javascript - doesn't execute it.

Is there a way to do this?

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You could pass location.Location as the model and then do this on your view:

<script type='text/javascript'>init_map('my_map', '@Model.Coordinate.Latitude', '@Model.Coordinate.Longitude', 20)</script>

In that manner you don't have to build your script from the controller, which is always not a good idea.

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Use HtmlHelper.Raw() to output raw HTML without encoding to the view.

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I don't see mixing server-side and client-side (JavaScript and C#) code as a good practice.

Alternative you can use jQuery.getScript() if you are using jQuery. That way you can create AJAX request to get data and do that in AJAX callback.

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