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What I am trying to achieve:

I'm looking to create a (REST) API for my Rails application. I have looked for Securing an API, Versioning of API and API Gems Railscast for implementation of API calls.

What are the solution from railscasts:

I find myself stuck with the security of API. In Securing an API Railscast they have specified to keep a token for each app i.e. for instance let us consider-

Android app --> "android_token"

Iphone App --> "iphone_token".

Whats the problem:

But my concern is what if someone gets the access token using Network tethering or something. The person can make indefinite calls to the app.

What are the possible solutions:

To cease this we should have a dynamic session kind of thing for the App requests. Something that pops in my head:

1.Why not to generate a different dynamic token for each request and then the request should be coupled with the same dynamic token to get the response or maintain a session using a dynamic token and a new token is regenerated after lets say 30 minutes or 50 calls.

Just like there are gems like DEVISE to perform user authentication in a robust way. Is there any gem or plugin that can help maintain the API SESSION to secure from threats.

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Firstly I was not more aware with Network tethering, So I have read it and understand it. I am not expert in Security of Application but want to suggest you some solutions which may helpful to you.

Managing your application security with token is the best way in my view. There is no way I have found to do dynamic session, but I have found one solution which may prevent user to make request from multiple device with common access token. You may store information of particular user in session like remote ip, user-agent...I think this would be good answer to look at : Rails saving IP address with every create/update request. and this Ruby on Rails API Security

Hope Above would be useful to you and create some value in development.

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I don't believe there is an out-of-box solution for this, since there is always a requirement for asymmetric systems to be able to authenticate based on the establishment of a shared secret key. This secret key can then be used to encrypt data, API_Keys, tokens etc. What you can do is distribute the app_secret and app_key to each of your different client applications. During the authentication phase, each client signs the request with the app_secret. Since the server knows the app_secret it can decrypt the request. This can also help to establish a shared token between the two for authorizing requests. For a deeper understanding of the issue at stake you can start reading this

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