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I have a Windows executable that load a library and I want to create a Winelib DLL that will overide the Windows DLL. It's been 2 days that I search and try but it won't work ! Please help me !

Basically I create mydll.c and mydll.spec to build the Winelib DLL with the command:

winegcc -m32 -shared -o mydll.dll mydll.c mydll.spec

Now I have and I want to override mydll.dll (both are at the same place) What should I do ? I try to rename mydll.dll but I got a Page Fault when the function is called ! I also tried to configure the override with winecfg or set environment variables like WINEDLLPATH. I don't understand how to proceed.

How I load the library in my Windows executable

char str[255];
typedef int(*tfp)(char * const);
DllHandle = LoadLibrary("mylib.dll");
tfp fp = (tfp)GetProcAddress(DllHandle, "myfunc");


@ stdcall myfunc(str)


#include <windef.h>

int WINAPI myfunc(char * str)
  strcpy(str, "myfunc from the Winelib DLL");
  return 0;
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Use WINEDEBUG=+module to debug dll loading problems.

I don't belive wine searches for native files outside of a single folder, could be wrong though. the code is in dlls/ntdll/loader.c if you want to check yourself (grep for load_builtin_dll).

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