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I have several WARs in my Glassfish installation. Someday I found that Glassfish Admin Console disappeared. When I try to access click here - I see 404 HTTP Error.

Why Glassfish Admin Console is missing and how to return it back ?

I can't simple reinstall, because it is production server.

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Try access the console in this url: http://myservername.com:4848/login.jsf In http://myservername.com:4848 redirect to http://myservername.com:4848/common/index.jsf and not work because the url not exists.

I found this solution in this topic: https://www.java.net/node/699754

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It is old, but maybe can help someone. I had a similar issue now, and the reason of the problem was not enough space in disk. I removed some log files and after restart GF the admin console came back to work.

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