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I'm working on an application (C#/WPF) and when it is installed in the Program Files folder and run the icon on the taskbar shows up wrongly as this;

enter image description here

But if I rename or copy into another folder the correct icon appears when run. It seems like an icon is set for this file in this path. I've had a look through the registry but with no luck and also cleared the icon cache.

Any ideas?

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That is a symptom of the icon being cached and the cache not being refreshed. Normally a restart fixes the problem.

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I had the same problem, and fixed it through the setup project.

In Visual Studio:

  1. right click the setup project.

  2. Select View -> File System.

  3. Display properties for the shortcut for your application (typically under Users Program Menu).

  4. The Shortcut will have a property call Icon. Set that to the EXE of your application, or set it to an icon in your setup package.

  5. Build the setup project, and then re-install.

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