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In Apache Qpid how to list the brokers status?

I'm using qpid-stat -b:

  broker  cluster       uptime   conn  sess  exch  queue
  ?       <standalone>  17m 29s     1     1     8     5

Other than these any option is there?

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It depends what you mean by broker status. You may try qpid-tool. You can read more about it here and also here.

This utility provided a telnet style interface to be able to view, list all stats and action all the methods. Simple capture below. Best to just play with it and mail the list if you have questions or want features added.


% qpid-tool
Management Tool for QPID
qpid: list
Summary of Objects by Type:
    Package                 Class         Active  Deleted
    =======================================================  exchange      8       0    store         1       0  broker        1       0  binding       16      12  session       2       1  connection    2       1  vhost         1       0  queue         6       5  system        1       0  subscription  6       5
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