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I'm learning embedded system. I have a atmel UC3-L0 and compass sensor. Now I install AtmelStudio and download some demo code into the board. But I have no idea where the function "printf" in demo code will appear the data. How should I do to get the data?

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The printf function outputs to stdout.

Usually on a "naked" processor with no operating system you need to define how a character is sent or received from a physical interface (usually an USART, console port, USB port, 4-port LCD interface, etc.). So typically you may want to use the USART port of your processor board to connect to a PC running Hyperterm, PuTTY or similar using a serial cable.

In essence you will need to

  • create FILE streams using the fdev_setup_stream() macro and
  • provide pointers to functions get() and put() that tell the printf() function how exactly to read and write from/to that stream (e.g. read/write to a USART, an LCD display, etc.).
  • you may have libraries - depending on your hardware - that already contain such functions (plus the correct port initialisation functions), like e.g. uart.c/.h, lcd.c/.h, etc.

In the documentation of stdio.h (e.g. here) look for the following: printf(), fdev_setup_stream()

If you have downloaded Atmel Studio you may look into the stdiodemo.c code for further insight.

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+1, Nice answer, maybe just make the filenames and func names look like code? –  angelatlarge Apr 5 '13 at 20:40
@angelatlarge indeed! –  MikeD Apr 6 '13 at 10:06

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