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I would like to make a simple counter in Powershell. It must prompt the user whether they'd like a higher or lower number. The starting number must be 0, it cant be lower than zero or higher than 10. If the user want a higher number, it must increment the number with 1, if lower decrement by 1. Then it must be able to stop at the desired number. With this number I can set a registry value.

I don't know an efficient way to prompt the user, I can use the Read-Host cmdlet ask if they typed "higher" or "lower" but is there a more efficient way to accomplish this?


$i = 0

while (($i -gt 0) -or ($i -lt 10)){
    $j = Read-Host "The current number is $i, would you like a higher/lower number, or quit?"

    if ($j -eq "higher") {
        Write-Host "The current number is $i"
    } elseif ($j -eq "lower") {
        Write-host "The current number is $i"
    } elseif ($j -eq "quit") {
        Write-host "Final number is: $i" 

Could anyone please help me out on this? Thanks very much

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Efficiency is in the hands of the operator. If I'm working in a console (PowerShell) environment, popping up a dialog box as suggested below is less efficient because it means I have to take one hand off the keyboard and move it to the mouse (if keyboard shortcuts on the dialog aren't readily apparent). Why not add aliases for "higher" and "lower" like "l" & "h" and/or up/down and/or u/d? Other note: You have a lot of redundancy in your nested if/else statements. Use a switch on $j to do the increment/decrement and save your output for the end of the loop. –  alroc Apr 5 '13 at 12:53

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You could use the Yes/No Prompt Window to get user input.

$a = new-object -comobject wscript.shell
$intAnswer = $a.popup("Do you want to delete these files?",0,"Delete Files",4)
If ($intAnswer -eq 6) {$a.popup("You answered yes.")}
else {$a.popup("You answered no.")}

If you replace the '3' in the 4th parameter of the popup() function you will get Yes, No, and Cancel buttons in the prompt window.


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