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To test in app billing, it is said that i need to do a factory reset and then specify my test account when the device boots up.

I have configured 2 Google accounts and can i somehow get the test account to be active for the transactions and then revert back to the original when i am done with the in-app billing testing ?

I am not able to understand the need for factory reset to test in-app billing when i can set multiple Google accounts.

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It might be that the IAB fails to update its cache when you switch between accounts during operation. The IAB uses extensive caching internally. But no matter what the reason is, I haven't found a way to overcome this restriction so far. –  Class Stacker Apr 5 '13 at 9:27

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After looking around the factory reset is currently the only way to change the device account. There is a issue for this problem on Android Market In-App Billing

I'm guessing you cant use the personal account because it is the same as the developer console account (which Google doesn't allow). However, if you are using a personal account on the device you could change the developer console account.

This then means that you could test with your personal account avoiding factory resets.

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