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I have a Request/Reply with ActiveMQ processing Camel Route where the time needed to process a message is different depending on the message. Is it possible to set the requestTimeout inside of the Camel exchange instead of in the route definition?

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This is not possible.

What is your use-case for using different timeouts? We could look into adding such functionality to camel-jms.

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I have a queue in which a Master puts tasks. Tasks are routed to asynchronous processors that work in parallel. I have several types of tasks where each type completes in a widely ranging period of time (e.g. one type of task takes 5 minutes, other task takes few hours). I used to create a different route for each type of tasks, so that I could set the requestTimeout-option for each type. – Vladimir Tsvetkov Apr 14 '13 at 9:45

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