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I'm currently using the Archive-Tar Pear extension for PHP to add a collection of files into a Tar Archive.

These files are stored on a filer with an extra extension e.g.

 filename.tgz.104850209.t or filename2.doc.2154395.t

I'd like to remove this extra extension while adding the files so that my Tar Archive would have the files: filename.tgz and filename2.doc

Is there a way of doing that without having to copy/rename the source files first before adding to the Archive?

Thanks, Mark.

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Archive_Tar in its latest version does not yet support such a functionality out of the box. Part of the functionality is in _addFile() and the other part in _addString().

Most easy is probably to extend from Archive_Tar and proxy all calls to _writeHeaderBlock() which is public, applying a map on the filename parameter so to rename it when written into headers.

class Patched_Archive_Tar extends Archive_Tar
    var $renameMap = array();

    function _writeHeaderBlock($p_filename, $p_size, $p_mtime=0, $p_perms=0,
                               $p_type='', $p_uid=0, $p_gid=0)
        return parent::_writeHeaderBlock($this->_translateFilename($p_filename), 
                                  $p_size, $p_mtime=0, $p_perms=0,
                                  $p_type='', $p_uid=0, $p_gid=0);

    function _translateFilename($orignal)
        $map = $this->renameMap();
        if (isset($map[$orignal])) {
            return $map[$orignal];

        return $original;


$obj = new Pached_Archive_Tar('dummy.tar'); // name of archive

$files = array('mystuff/ad.gif', 
               'mystuff/alcon.xls.t');   // files to store in archive

$obj->renameMap = array(
    'mystuff/alcon.doc.t' => 'mystuff/alcon.doc',
    'mystuff/alcon.xls.t' => 'mystuff/alcon.xls',
)  // files to rename

if ($obj->create($files)) {
    echo 'Created successfully!';
} else {
    echo 'Error in file creation';

This is quick and dirty but hopefully worky. For something better see the function I noticed at the beginning _addFile() and _addString(), you basically want another one that is able to add a file (as with _addFile()) by specifiying the filename (as with _addString()).

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Thanks. Although it looks like _writeHeaderBlock is only called when using _addString() and not _addFile() so that wouldn't work here. But your second point looks like the way to go, to extend and a function to be able to add files with a modifier. – user2248522 Apr 5 '13 at 10:57
_addFile() should call _writeHeader() which then should call _writeHeaderBlock(). Doesn't it? – hakre Apr 5 '13 at 10:59

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