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I have an abstract class Product and inherited class ProductWithRecurrency:

 * @ORM\Table(name= "product")
 * @ORM\Entity(repositoryClass="Acme\StoreBundle\Entity\Repositories\ProductRepository")
 * @ORM\InheritanceType("JOINED")
 * @ORM\DiscriminatorColumn(name="product_kind_id", type="integer")
 * @ORM\DiscriminatorMap({"1" = "ProductFoo", "2" = "ProductWithRecurring"})
abstract class Product


 * @ORM\Table(name="product_with_recurring")
 * @ORM\Entity( repositoryClass ="Acme\StoreBundle\Entity\Repositories\ProductRepository")
class ProductWithRecurring extends Product
     * @var Recurring $recurring
     * @ORM\JoinColumn(name="recurring_id", referencedColumnName="id", nullable=false)
    protected $recurring;

I need to get some mixed Products and have "Recurring" Entity information when Product is instance of ProductWithRecurring. I have a method in ProductRepository with this dql:

$dql = "SELECT p product
        FROM Acme\StoreBundle\Entity\Product p
        LEFT JOIN p.recurring rc
        WHERE p.some_conditions";

Obviously get this exception:

[Semantical Error] line 0, col 1182 near 'rc
': Error: Class Acme\StoreBundle\Entity\Product has no association named recurring

Do I should add complexity to query or I have a conceptual error? (I'm no expert in Symfony and less in Doctrine).

There may be errors in the code, I've simplified it to isolate the problem.

My english is not so good, I hope you understand me, thanks!

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By the moment I added recurring attribute at the top class. No quite right but it works. Any help? Thank you! –  EduBusquets Apr 8 '13 at 9:55

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You should be able to access all of the Product atributes in Product ProductWithRecurring.

Using code below does not work? I do not quite understand what you'd like to get as a result

$dql = "SELECT p
    FROM Acme\StoreBundle\Entity\ProductWithRecurring p
    WHERE p.some_conditions";
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