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I can't create a mobile Service in Azure: I receive that there's an error at calling the location information for mobile services: Error 500:

Fehler beim Abrufen der Standortinformationen für mobile Services: Fehler 500. Wiederholen Sie den Vorgang. Sollte das Problem weiterhin bestehen, wenden Sie sich an den Support.

Note that its not an error 400 as in the similar question Unable to create Azure Mobile Service.

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There was an issue in the service from 9:00UTC to roughly 12:00UTC which could have caused your problem. Can you try it again to see if it has been fixed? Thanks! –  carlosfigueira Apr 5 '13 at 12:34
Nope, same thing. Just one thing: After registering for the 3 month test account, I got the welcome e-mails. 20 Minutes later I got some aknowledge message that the 3 month test account was successfully resigned, which I have never done... So I'm not sure if it's a normal thing that the test account resigns it self with 3 month period??? –  Simon Meier Apr 5 '13 at 15:35

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Same here. I'd simply upvote the question but I don't have enough rep to. I can however provide some additional information:

The first time I tried I got this error message, along with the "Error 500" mentioned above:

{"message":"Please try again. If the problem persists, contact support.","ErrorMessage":"Please try again. If the problem persists, contact support.","httpStatusCode":"InternalServerError","operationTrackingId":"","stackTrace":null,"Padding":null}

The second time I tried I got this error message:

Error Number: 18456 Error Code: -2146232060 Message: Login failed for user '_myUsername_'.
 This session has been assigned a tracing ID of '408d70f5-5d10-4261-845a-9192129efcbd'. Provide this tracing ID to 
customer support when you need assistance.

And every time after that I would get the first error message mentioned above. I looked into a customer support ticket but the only option offered is "Billing" because I have am trying the service out on a trial account.

...based on a little extra research I'm beginning to think its just a server issue on their end... Going to just wait and try again another time. Will report back...

Nevermind on the second error message - incorrect password: Microsoft SQL Server Error: 18456

Edit: Ok! so switching to another database with a different username but the same password worked. Along with that being different the new database that worked didn't have any data in it yet and was possibly on a different server. Also creating a brand new database worked (the 20MB option)

My advice then is to try that: create a brand new SQL database with 20MB on a new server and make sure to use the username & password you chose when you created that server. (Can't remember? Make a new server from scratch)

Hope that helps someone!! :)

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